Whether it's analysis of a business problem, process improvement or managing projects both large and small, FastEye Computing Ltd can provide the resources you need.

We have a real passion to see a positive outcome wherever we are involved and in whatever capacity. Our rates are extremely competitive so why not contact us for a quote and availability.

Desktop Services

The Desktop is rapidly evolving and changing. No longer can you just invest a lump sum in IT  and continue to stay ahead of the competition. Now there are multiple operating systems, device types and associated management costs.

We can help you make sense of all the options, build solutions which are suitable for your organisation and the way your staff work and which are cost effective.

The recent trend to support employees bringing there own devices into the workplace can be leveraged to drive costs down and increase productivity. We can help you understand the challenges and how to mitigate them.

Cloud Computing

The datacentre is changing, no longer are servers large metal boxes placed in large computer rooms and serving individual departments or groups. Virtualisation is here, Cloud is here, datacentres can be on or off premises.

FastEye can help you define a strategy to support your organisation and drive costs down whilst protecting perfromance, your essential data and maintaining uptime. 

Digital Home
Digital Home

You can't escape technology in the home - digital downloads of music, pictures, films, videos are prevalent. Large screen TV's, high speed broadband and video streaming services

FastEye can help you create a solution to manage your own digital content, access other online digital services and consume it over a variety of devices in and out of the home. 

FastEye has been involved in digital video broadcasting and home media solutions for over 15 years and the recent growth in broadband speeds now makes exciting and reliable solutions possible. 


It's not just video, digital lighting, energy management, and security are all in our portfolio of innovative and cost effective solutions